Dream Comfort

Dreammasters Dream Comfort collection features mattresses that utilize the traditional Bonnell coil system, which has been in use for over a century. This coil system is made up of hourglass-shaped coils that are knotted together with cross helical wires to form a simple, yet effective innerspring unit. The Bonnell coil system is known for its durability and affordability, making it a popular choice for many people.

Dream Comfort mattresses are reinforced with an edge frame to provide added durability and support around the perimeter of the mattress. The Bonnell coil system also allows for a firm support system that can withstand a lot of weight without compromising on comfort.

Overall, the Dream Comfort collection provides a range of affordable and reliable mattresses that are perfect for those who prefer traditional innerspring systems.

Silver Firm

9 Inch, Firmness-Firm

Silver Plush

12 Inch, Firmness-Medium

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