Dream Efficient

The Dream Efficient Initiative is an internal working group within Dream Master and Sleep Well Industries that was first setup in 2016 by Suppharaj Chokwonganun. Dream Efficient Initiative is committed to ensuring Sleep Well Industries are adopting and implementing the most efficient systems to maximize operational output at any given time. From the machinery utilized to internal operating procedures and adoption of state-of-the-art technology – the Dream Efficient Initiative leads Sleep Well Industry’s directive to be lean.


Sleep Well Industries first purchased state-of-the art machinery in 2010. The board approved purchase for quilting machines, pocket coiling machines, border overlocking machines, jumbo tape-edge machines, euro-top machines, sewing and cutting machines as well as embroidery machines. Dream Efficient Initiative’s first upgrade in 2016 was to add automatic conveyor machines to reduce human labour dependency. Dream Master subsequently upgraded its entire line up of machines as well purchased additional embroidery machines with 20 heads. This decision was possible as the Sleep Well Industries board approved a plan to expand plant space from 2600 sqm to 4500 sqm to cope with growing demand.

In 2018, Dream Master purchased two additional state-of-the-art pocket coiling machines as well as automatic gluing machines. This was followed by the decision to purchase roll packing machines to add packaging and logistical efficiency. All the machines purchased were custom designed for Sleep Well Industries taking into account our plant’s floor plan as well as manufacturing requirements. These upgrades allow Sleep Well Industries to now produce 300 pocket spring mattresses every 8 hours. As technology advances, Dream Efficient Initiative continues to research the best machines that may be suitable for Sleep Well Industries and plays a central role in the budgeting and timeline of implementation. By 2023 the company hopes to incorporate a continuous manufacturing system that operates 24 hours by utilizing automatic conveyor belts end-to-end across all manufacturing stages.


Dream Efficient Initiative oversaw the reorganization of Sleep Well Industry’s manufacturing plants to increase production capacity by 45%. From implementing standardized work flow processes to optimizing the production assembly line: the Dream Efficient team conducts quarterly reviews to maximize productivity.

The Dream Efficient team also led the digital transformation of Sleep Well Industries over the last 5 years. In phase 1 the company has successfully adopted leading cloud-based end-to-end ERP solutions, sales management systems, 5S system as well as inventory management tools. As part of phase 2, in 2022 the team plans to implement barcoding systems for the warehouse as well as further streamline work flow process between relevant departments: sales, project management, operations, accounting and logistics.