Dream Luxury

Dream Luxury is Dream Master’s flagship and best-selling product series. Utilizing our Tri-zone Iso-coil pocket spring technology, these mattresses are specifically designed for pressure relief and extra support where sleepers need it most. All of these products use the highest grade raw materials and can have up to 400 GSM knitted fabrics. Each sleeper using Dream Luxury beds is guaranteed to indulge in unparalleled comfort enhancing their beauty rest.

The dream luxury series offers 7 unique products all utilizing our exclusive tri-zone iso-coil technology but varying in raw materials, dimensions, firmness and upholstery layers according to sleepers choice.

Dream Heaven

13 Inch, Firmness-Soft

Dream Ecstasy

12 Inch, Firmness-Medium Soft

Dream Paradise

12 Inch, Firmness-Medium Soft

Dream Passion

11 Inch, Firmness-Medium

Dream Splendid

10.5 Inch, Firmness-Medium Firm

Dream Atlantis

10 Inch, Firmness-Firm

Dream Delight

8 Inch, Firmness-Firm

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