Dream Sustainable

Sustainability has always been an integral cultural priority in the DNA of Sleep Well Industries. The company’s roots in jute distribution ensured a strict minimal waste policy. Today Sleep Well Industry’s Dream Sustainable team is led by Pooja Chokwonganun and Vikram Chokwonganun. With a focus on reducing carbon footprint, creating minimal waste while also producing environmentally friendly products, the Dream Sustainable team has been pivotal in ensuring Sleep Well Industry’s rate amongst the most environmentally friendly bedding manufacturers in the world.

Amongst the biggest priorities for the Dream Sustainable team has been reducing manufacturing waste. To do this, all bedding products are made to order. All raw materials are also curated and prepped to order to further reduce waste. Sleep Well Industry’s pocket coil machines have a rejection system that ensures any unshaped springs or overcounted rolls are collected to reuse for alternative products or returned to the supplier. Similarly, any rejected foam or quilted tops are repurposed to manufacture toppers, picnics, pillows, and bolsters. In 2018, the Dream Sustainable team initiated the purchase of an advanced automated gluing machine that have sensors to release the exact amount of glue needed. This has reduced glue wastage by 60%. The company has also invested in foam shredding machines and other equipment to enable repurposing of raw materials.

The Dream Sustainable team also works very closely with the procurement team to source the most sustainable raw materials with certifications from vendors. Where possible, materials are sourced locally with minimal use of packaging material and the team maintains a close relationship with suppliers where by suggestions have been given to reduce carbon footprint. One such example was when Sleep Well Industry’s team requested our fabric supplier to switch the inner tubes from PVS to corrugated paper tubes. The Dream Sustainable team also works with the stock management team to routinely audit existing material stock as well as ensure suitable storage. Most recently the Dream Sustainable team has created a business development unit that works with potential customers who seek more sustainable bespoke products.

Over the next two years the Dream Sustainable team have targets to continue reducing our carbon footprint. By the end of 2022 Sleep Well Industries will fully embrace solar energy as well as electric logistic trucks to reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy. Recycled plastic and cardboard will be prioritized for mattress packaging. The Dream Sustainable team is also working closely with the Dream Innovation team to experiment with alternative sustainable raw materials such as natural fabrics and green cell foam. Most importantly, Sleep Well Industry’s has prioritized obtaining key environmentally friendly certificates from globally recognized institutions and is on track to remain amongst the most environmentally friendly bedding manufacturers in the world.