Standard Textile is the leading provider of sheeting, tops covers, duvets, pillows, terry products, robes, and more for the hospitality industry.

DreamMaster is proud to partner with this acclaimed brand to help enhance the guest experience and reduce operational costs. Founded in 1940, Standard Textile is a family owned business that currently drives over $1 billion in sales annually. Standard Textile understands the role that their products play in improving the lives of their guests and uses the cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best of bed and bath linen to their clients. They have more than 80 patents, and a total of 24 global facilities, serving over 90 international markets.

The key to the success of the brand is due to the innovative Centium Core Technology®, a patented weaving process available exclusively in their terry and sheeting products. Centium Core Technology® helps to set Standard Textile apart from all their competitors, thanks to the distinct quality of the material used.

All their bed and bath linen is engineered to deliver durability, longevity, comfort and value. Centium Core Technology® is an innovation that involves a ring-spun combed cotton surface weaved around a synthetic core, resulting in the best on-the-body feel and high performance.

The cotton is 100% pure, while the Centium Core Technology® centre consists of synthetic microfilament yarns that prevent the material from wearing out too quickly. Overall, Centium Core Technology® improves product tensile strength, extending product lives by 30%. Sheeting made with this innovation have unsurpassed durability, and a luxurious soft feel that guests will keep returning to again and again.

Now, thanks to DreamMaster’s partnership with Standard Textile, customers can now purchase both mattresses and sheeting conveniently in one channel. For bed linens, Standard Textile’s sheeting products guarantee an irresistible finish for guests, adding to their comfort and facilitating a good night’s sleep. The bath linen is just as luxurious to the touch, adding a new dimension to your guests’ experience.

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