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LUXURY Innovative Bedding Since 1987”

DREAMMASTER Is the NO.1 Pocket Spring Hospitality Player In This Region

Founded in 1987 in the Netherlands, Europe, Dream Master (a subsidiary of Sleepwell Industries) is a leading end-to-end producer, supplier and distributor of high quality mattresses for hotels, housing developments, and condominiums across the globe. Our long history and global market dominance is a testament to our expertise in the science of sleep and our prioritized focus on pioneering and adopting innovative sleep technology. Dream Master’s in-house research and development team strive to ensure we consistently deliver the most advanced state-of-the-art mattresses at any given time.

DreamMaster is the top European bedding brand that produces high-end mattress and bases for the world’s major hotel chains. We are the no. 1 Pocket Spring Beds for the Hospitality Industry in this region, and our products are handmade using the highest raw material quality from the best suppliers of each item all over the world. At DreamMaster, we are driven by the desire to give our clients the best possible night’s sleep. We invest more in thinking about sleep than anyone else.

Our goal is to give all of your guests the deepest sleep and maximum comfort on all of our pocket spring beds. When your guests have better sleep, their body is healthier, and more importantly, they feel happier. Our DreamMaster hospitality beds offer a full range of four spring systems and 18 models of soft, medium and firm feels, with toppers of varying depths. We also have a full range of Belgium linen fabrics for you to choose, and made suitable for furniture or box-spring and module coil bases.


Dream Master is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sleepwell Industries, and shares a 310,000 square feet in-house manufacturing facility with its sister brands in Samut Sakhon, Thailand. Our dream team of 250+ industry experts oversee 6 pocket spring production lines and due to our efficient plant layout, we can manufacture up to 1000 mattresses on any given day.

We continuously invest in state-of-the-art machinery from across the world to ensure the highest quality standards. Each production line utilizes unique custom machinery for every production stage as per required. We also have a specialized team to oversee all intricate handwork essential for our products.


Your beds go straight from our manufacturing facilities to your doorstep, ensuring no intermediaries and therefore giving you optimal cost saving. We also have a corporate head office and multiple showrooms in Bangkok, to facilitate prospective customers in browsing and exploring our many products.


Dream Master’s manufacturing facility is experienced in catering to bespoke specifications and custom orders based on different customer requirements. Be it firmness, height, raw materials, layers or even appearance - we can tailor-make what you desire. This ensures Dream Master beds meet your highest expectations and your customers experience the best sleep, thus earning you their loyalty.


The bulky size and heavy weight of mattresses can often make it a challenge to store and transport. In order to enable the most seamless logistics process for our customers, Dream Master has heavily invested in world-class roll packing machines that use 300 tonnes of pressure to compress up to a 13 inch mattress to a mere 1 inch within seconds. Our tri-zone iso-coil pocket springs have been specifically designed to withstand such pressure, and when our products are removed from the vacuum seal, it returns to its original form with no impact on the quality of the product.

The machine also automatically folds and rolls each mattress to further ensure the most compact end-product for our customers. This advantage directly allows for significant cost-savings and unparalleled efficiency in transport and set-up of Dream Master mattresses at its final destination with little to no risks of damage. For our international customers, rather than the standard 80 uncompressed mattresses in a 40 foot high-cube container, we can deliver up to 200 roll packed mattresses utilizing the same space.


As a subsidiary of Sleepwell Industries, Dream Master provides its customers with the advantage of having one vendor for all their bedding needs. From spring boxes, mattresses, to bedding accessories as well as bed and bath linen - we have an extensive array of offerings that fully meets the varied requirements of customers.

For our mattresses - we offer three different spring systems across 13 best-selling models. Be it our award-winning pocket springs coils, advanced off-set spring technology or traditional bonnell offerings - we can create an array of diverse mattresses.